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Thread: Correlating two cell values

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    Correlating two cell values

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    Column A is time. Column B is electrical current. I want to know the time at which the electrical current hits its lowest point (i.e. what is the value in column A when min(B2:B345) occurs)? Right now, I am calculating the minimum and searching for the value via the "find" option to then look over and see the time value manually. However, there are thousands of columns of electrical current to sift through. Using the following example to clarify, I am looking for a formula that will yield "24" because "-5" is the minimum in column B.
    A. B.
    0. 10
    1. 9
    2. 8
    15. 0
    24. -5
    30. 500

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    pl find attached file.
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    Another version:- C1=INDEX(A:A,MATCH(SMALL(B:B,1),B:B,0))

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