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Thread: How to make the count if a dynamic variable

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    How to make the count if a dynamic variable

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    I am using the countif function and I am not able to make the "IF" part a dynmaic variable. Is there a way to do this.

    Variable 200

    I am using a formula like this: =countif(A3:A7,">=200")
    I would like for it to be something like this =countif(A3:A7,">=$B$1")

    For some reason when I try the second one it breaks the formula, but any other combination doesn't seem to be working either.

    Any help would be AWESOME! Thank you in advance.

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    You're not that far away
    Try =countif(A3:A7,">="&$B$1)

    ">=$B$1" makes the entire formula text so XL does not recognize it

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    Try =countif(A3:A7,">="&$B$1)

    That didn't work. After the ".." it ends the formula

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    You were write. When I copied the formula I didn't add the "&"! Thank you!

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