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Thread: Using Match/Index to bring multiple values

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    Using Match/Index to bring multiple values

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    I'm using the Match/Index formulas to bring values from another sheet. I need to bring many values in the same row (different columns) and the only way I found until now is to index as many times as I need in different cells, which is quite complicated if there's too many columns (I need 15 values from different columns in the same row).

    Is there any way I can create some sort of array, list or something like it to bring all the values all together in one cell?
    Thank you!

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    More clear if you upload your sample problem workbook, not need with real data, just small with fake data but that enough describe your problem, click "Go Advanced" button, and click on paperclip button to attach your file.


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    Attached you'll find 2 files. One with the list of items, the other with a code example I'm using.
    The user types a Part Number, and the sheet finds the information in the list provided. What I would like, instead of typing the match/index formula in each column, is find the way to bring all the row information to one cell.

    Thank you!
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    Excel 2010 with free Power Query Add-In.
    Compatible with Office 2013 Pro Plus.
    No formulas or code need to be written.
    There are oodles of other ways, but this is the easiest and most elegant way.

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    With the amount of detail on each row, I presume that your only wanting to pull out certain columns from the full width of the dataset. Why don't you create an extra column combining all those needed and index that ?

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    in say d1 to g1 part_description new_part_flag price_change_flag country

    then in d2 filled across
    =INDEX('[example list.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A$2:$AM$30000,MATCH($C2,'[example list.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A$2:$A$30000,0),MATCH(D$1,'[example list.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A$1:$AM$1,0))

    not sure what you mean about "in one cell"

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