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Thread: Need help with a lookup of multiple criteria

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    Need help with a lookup of multiple criteria

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    I need help with a complex lookup and not sure of the best option:

    Lookup Sheet:
    Name Eff Date
    John 7/3/14

    Lookup Table
    Name Fr Date To Date %
    John 1/1/14 6/25/14 90%
    John 6/26/14 12/31/14 70%

    Formula Result: 70% (John's effective date would result in 70% since it falls within the date range of the second line for John)

    I've looked into Vlookup, Index, Match, but not finding exactly what I need. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Pls see the file attach, Im' givin you example based on your table, using array formula.

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    Or you could try an if statement:

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