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Thread: hyperlink one sheet to another sheet

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    hyperlink one sheet to another sheet

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    Please guide me how to hyperlink one table column to another table column in another sheet.
    My first sheet has a parts column, to save space I have to place hyperlinks in that column. Detailed parts details is in another sheet.

    So if I click third cell in that column it should point to third cell in detailed parts table.

    I can make a hyperlink to point to a particular cell location, how to auto fill links along the column ?

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    pl find attachment. is it full fill your requirement ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sambit View Post
    pl find attachment. is it full fill your requirement ?

    Thanks Sambit fot the reply, I think you manually linked each cell by giving address of the cell in the next sheet.

    How can I link every column in a list to every column on the other list. If I link B1 to B1 on other sheet & C1 to C1 on other sheet, how to autofill links on first sheet, so automaticlly links are placed on first sheet.

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    Hi,it can be done by using helper coloum.=HYPERLINK("#"&"'"&D1&"'!"&E1,A1)D1 & E1 is helper coloum.plz find attachment "Hyperlink".
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    Hi there, my first post here so I hope I have chosen the apropriate forum!
    I too have a similar problem and would appreciate some help please!
    I have created a spreadsheet in excel 2010
    The first worksheet comprises approximately 500 cells. Each cell is hyperlinked to the worksheet name tab in the subsequent 500 worksheets. I now want to make a global change by changing the link from the worksheet name tab to cell J6 in each of the subsequent 500 worksheets. Can anyone suggest of a suitable accurate/quick method of doing this please? NOTE: I have used hyperlinks because I have absolutely no idea how to use macros!
    Thank you

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