For experienced professionals in programming VBA for Excel

I have tried some VBA macros, but I was not successful.
I need a VBA macros in Workbook that at a certain level of protection prevent the average user to have access to the details of Workbook. I know that there is no 100% protection but if someone hacks the file let it breaks down the days.
So VBA macro should be completely hide formula, to prevent access to the VBE, prevent copy protection (commands in the toolbar, shortcut key) etc ..

- VBA macro that forced users Workbook to required allowed to run VBA in Excel, if the prohibition run a VBA macro in Excel, then it is automatically prompted to start the VBA must allow and after 10 sec. closes Workbook
- VBA macro that should hide all the formulas in the "field formula" in the entire workbook, so that the user can not see
- VBA macro that should prohibit the use of shortcut key Ctrl+C, drag and drop, Alt+F8, Alt+F11 (generally copying, start the VBA macros via Alt+F8, prevent access to the VBE and the like.)
- VBA macro that should prohibit the use of icons / commands on the toolbar (Copy, Cut, Macros, Visual Basic) for Excel
- VBA for counter opening so Workbook can have a number of opening (eg. 20 Opening Workbook)
- VBA should prevent the saving Workbook

My goal is to have a template file with all the previously specified VBA macros in the VBE and that it can be used as a template without having to constantly add VBA code macros for protection.

The user should be able to open Workbook try out the functionality of formulas, sorting, filtering, data validation, and other functionality in Excel, but the user can not see what I was doing.

Is this possible?
Does anyone have already completed the VBA code?
Thanks in advance