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Thread: Excel 2010: Retain changing cell values - web quer

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    Excel 2010: Retain changing cell values - web quer

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    I have a web query updated every 1 minute and returns live currency changes. Itís displayed in a column containing 127 currencies and against each, the percentage change (+/-) is shown.

    GBP/USD +0.15%.
    EUR/USD -0.30%

    What I need is to display in another column for each currency, a ď+Ē or ď-ď sign, only if the last 3 consecutive changes were + or - , if not leave blank.

    My aim is to indicate the direction each currency is going (either + or -).

    The main issue is, at every minute updates, figures are refreshed and I canít find a way for excel to store the last 3 changes (NOT JUST UPDATES BUT ACTUAL CONSECUTIVE CHANGES FOR EACH CURRENCY).

    I spent a whole month of Sundays reading excel questions online and still going nowhere.

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    Can you add the time to the top of the col? Then run a macro loop that will paste the values in named ranges (3) in another sheet that updates the +, - or even for each row then update the change value on the original sheet on corresponding values.

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