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Thread: Alternative to standart countifs function needed

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    Alternative to standart countifs function needed

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    Here is a story... columns A,B,C,D,E is a list,(can be formated as a table) and contain variables in form of numbers.These numbers are from 0 to 37. Need to count how many times each individual number in column E corresponds to the given sett of criteria (columns A,B,C,D). Problem is that l need to account not for individual sets of these criteria, but for groops of them. Groops are to be specified in other worksheet. I can not use ">" , "<" as a criteria argument due to the nature of variables.
    If COUNTIFS function would accept any one of values in specified range of sells as valid criteria, it would look like this
    Any ideas what could be used?

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    Its difficult to imagine what you're trying to do, maybe sample workbook with clear explanation could be help.
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    From your explanation, Im afraid I can't understand what you are wanting. I agree with Rizky that we nrrd an example.

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