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Thread: Help re: Formulas Contained in Column(s) N and O

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    Help re: Formulas Contained in Column(s) N and O

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    Formula in N should create as many rows with a student's ID name as there are courses selected in column(s) B through M, and the formula in O is supposed to transpose the courses selected by each student. It only works for first 5 students and first 5 courses selected. Can anyone fix it so that I can use it with 1000 students and all the courses shown for each student?
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    Perhaps something like this? Using Helper Column to avoid complications, and all is array formula.

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    I had worked out the 1st column without a helper column but got totally lost when trying to do the 2nd column.
    When I checked back here I saw that Rizky had posted that awesome spreadsheet and since I'd already got column 1 to work I stole his code for column 2
    I think Rizky's might still be better (probably faster), but mine doesn't need the helper column.
    Use and modify as needed I guess.
    I hope one of these will work for you ctx.
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    Thanks so much to all for your input and suggestions. The solution worked. Many, many thanks.

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