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Thread: Using VBA inside Excel to export to Access table

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    Using VBA inside Excel to export to Access table

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    Help please on how to use VBA code inside of Excel (so it can be triggered from Excel calculation) to export A1:B20 range into a preexisting Access DB named AccessDB having a table within named tbl_Excel_Data. So many examples I have seen are not doing exactly this operation.

    Thank you in advance.

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    ARe they to append to that table or update it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
    ARe they to append to that table or update it?
    I expect to append to that table since more information is better and allows more possibilities. But if updating is much faster than appending I will reconsider. The required elements of connection to an outside database whether that be Access DB on the same network or a MS SQL on a server that I am now setting up, is a big part of the battle. The connection string thing is cryptic to me. If someone would show me the code to do this so that I don't spend any more time with error messages that would be a great help!


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    Surely, updating or adding is a performance question, it is a business question? Are the new records to be saved whilst retaining previous records, or update them based upon some key value? The design of the table would also depend upon this decision.

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    After thinking about it I suppose it would be easier to update and overwrite the existing 20 excel values in the database table. At this point I am needing to read these 20 database values at 4 minute intervals for the dashboard style implementation.

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