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Thread: Need Help with Average Percentages Based on Criteria

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    Need Help with Average Percentages Based on Criteria

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    I am looking to average percentages in column L2:L3975 based on their criteria in C2:C3975. The criteria are raw material, packaging, and finished good. So what I am trying to do is track the accuracy of my inventory based on these 3 categories. Currently I have =IF(WSK!C2:C3975="Raw Material", AVERAGE(WSK!L2:L3975), ""). I think my logic is incorrect and have been trying a sumproduct formula but have not had results yet. If anyone has suggestions on how to average my percentages based on a text that would be very helpful. If examples are needed I can upload a spreadsheet.Thanks.

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    Good morning,

    I think you can use AVERAGEIFS:

    =AVERAGEIFS(L2:L3975,C2:C3975,"Raw Material")

    Best of luck,

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    Try using AVERAGEIF

    e.g. =AVERAGEIF(WSK!C2:C3975,"Raw Material", WSK!L2:L3975)

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    Thank you! I knew that my logic was incorrect and both of these functions that were posted do the trick. I appreciate all the help I did not expect it was that easy.Thank you both again (my warehouse manager will be happy).Have a good holiday

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