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Thread: using Sumif and left with tables

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    using Sumif and left with tables

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    I'm facing a problem using sumif at the same time as left function.
    Resuming, i have three tables, where for both column A is contract. Table 1 is ammount of sales, table 2 is quantities the area occupied for generating such sales, and table 3 need to do the calculation Sales/Area.

    The problem is that some contract might have some exceptions and therefore, either for sales and area they are treated independently, but for table 3 they such be considered as the total ammount for the area occupied.

    Table1 - Sales
    1000 2500
    1000_1 3000

    Table2 - Area
    1000 800m2
    1000_1 0

    Table3 - Sales per Area
    1000 Should be (2500+3000) / 800m2

    I was tryng to achieve the result by using (sumif(table1Contract;left(table3contract;4);Table1Sales)/(sumif(table2Contract;left(table3contract;Table2Area) but i'm not getting the desired result.

    I looked on the forum and they're recomending sumifs/sumproduct but i did not get how to use it.

    Either 3 tables are to be expanded, so i would need something that was not "hardcoded" for a string of contract.

    Can anyone help me?

    Many thanks in advance

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    May try:


    the &"*" concatenates a wildcard to the table2Contract so that it will look at all contracts that begin with those characters.

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    Thanks a lot NBVC

    It works perfectly!!!

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