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Thread: Fixed Annual/Semi-Annual Bills

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beamer View Post
    I don't blame you, I just had a look and totally forgot how I worked it out
    But it appears that the third "IF" statement in the formula is where it decides its something other then "Annual" in column F.
    So from that point on change any ",8,7" to ",7,7," and any ",2,7" to ",1,7"
    The changed numbers relate to:- 8 = Aug, 7 = Jul, 2 = Feb, 1 = Jan
    The "Date" function is in the format Year/Month/Day.

    I hope this works for you.

    Edit: I didn't change my formula and check the dates. I suggest checking the dates very close to the July date and if its out by a day you might need to change the 184 to 183...not sure

    God! it didn't work out, specially when the start/end date is having the month of the bill cycle (Jan or July)

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    It seems to work ok for me, at least the same as the last one.
    Fingers crossed
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