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Thread: Power Query DataSource.Error: The Web.Page function requires Active Scripting help

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    Power Query DataSource.Error: The Web.Page function requires Active Scripting help

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    I'm having a problem trying to power query a/any web site using power query from my office PC. Our IT department (outsourced) completely locked out IE 11 after the heartbleed bug and forced us to use chrome.

    Here is the error;

    DataSource.Error: The Web.Page function requires Active Scripting to be enabled in the Internet Explorer options. Please see .......mswebsite.... for details on how to enable Active Scripting.

    On my Laptop and Home PC my power query works flawlessly.

    The other problem is the IT department has no idea what Power Query even is and told me MS was phasing it out and told my I was no better then a hacker from china for using it? WTF!

    Here is part of the email from them;

    As discussed on the phone, I have no problem with you using MS power query. However these tools were designed to be used with Intranet sites and office 365. In reality you are trying to use them with Office Pro and Internet websites. For other clients where we manage their websites we would detect (and block) your attempts to (what is perceived to be theft of) website information.

    Any idea where I can point him (IT Department) too to get a proper understanding of what the f.... he is talking about?

    Thanks for any feedback

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    I think that if you just try to show them up by pointing out that what they are saying is total tosh, you will just create a barrier and get nowhere. I think you need a bigger hitter to argue your case with you. For instance, talk to your boss and tell him why Power Query is so good, and how it can help you do great stuff in your job, and get him to deal with some of the politics.

    I suggest you take a look at Chris Webb's blog,, for some good ammunition. Chris has a big reputation in the BI world, and he would not be wasting his time on Power Query if it were as your IT guys think.

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