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Thread: Help with creating a unique lookup

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    Help with creating a unique lookup

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    I am working on a cycle count program. What I am looking to achieve is that when my count status goes from 'Do Not Count' to 'Count', that another sheet will be populated by the new items to be counted. I have tried some vlookup and if statements which I have not been successful. On the first sheet:Item Code Item Description Material Type Count Frequency Last counted Date Next count date Count Status. On the second sheet I would like to see the same information so that it can easily be supplied to inventory to then count. If anyone has some advice, possibly I am using the wrong statements I would appreciate the help.
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    plz find attached excle file. one sheet is for Data Sheet and another sheet is for Answer.

    I hope it may help you.
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    Thank you Sambit, I am taking a look at it now and will get back shortly if there are any problems.


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    The only issue I am running into is the time for the spreadsheets to process. Since I am dealing with anywhere from 1500-3000 line items depending on the time of year, the sheet takes a long time to process. Other than that it seems to be doing exactly what I was looking for, thanks again.

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    I know it will taken time for process due to Array formula.

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