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    Question Holiday Duty Formula

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    Hi Guys! Good day!

    I was ask to make a formula to compute for the holiday hours rendered here in our company..

    In the column 1 you are only allowed to input numbers between 1 - 8 (which represents 1 hr to 8 hrs of work)
    In the column 2 you can only input a data if you have 8 or more in the column 1. If you have less than 8 in the column 1 you are not allowed to input any data on column 2 (column 2 represents overtime hrs in excess of the 8 hrs required)

    please help me guys how to go about my problem.

    Thank you so much!


    Column 1 Column 2
    8 1
    8 2

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    Assuming Column 1 is column A, entries starting at A2, and Column 2 is column B, entries starting at B2:

    Select from B2 to bottom of range you are going to use. Go to Data, select Validation. From Validation select Custom, then enter formula: =B2>=8

    You can select the Error Alert tab to enter a custom error message to display if user tries to enter an invalid entry.

    Click Ok to commit.

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