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Thread: I need help ASAP

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    Lightbulb I need help ASAP

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    I need help finding out what formula to figure out the pay rate depending on how many minutes I do as different amount of minutes mean different pay as shown in table. Any body knows? PLZ Click image for larger version. 

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    Date: 11/19/2014 Minutes Price
    Timein TimeOut Total Time Worked Pay Rate 37 minutes or less $13
    11:00AM 12:00 PM 0:25 ? between 38 minutes to 54 minutes $23
    12:02PM 12:47 PM 0:48 ? 55 minutes or more $32

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    I was given this below in BOLD to use for solving a problem now I have no idea how to use it or apply it.

    Build your own function. (record a macro, click any cell, stop macro)
    Goto the VB Evironment, (in the project window, in the MODULE1)
    overwrite the macro1 with the code below:


    Public Function CalcRate(ByVal pvMin) Select Case pvMin Case <38 CalcRate = 13 Case >54 CalcRate = 32 case else CalcRate = 23End Selectend Function

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    Hi Mokacolt,
    Plz find attached file, I hope it may solve your problem.
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    Actually the function you got at works fine.

    The way you calculate and format your Total Time Worked...... not so much.

    Check out for where to put code you are given.

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    WOW!! Thank you soo much I myself was trying to do the IF function but always ended up being an error!! Thank you soo much!!!

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