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Thread: Searching Special Characters

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    Searching Special Characters

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    Hi Friends,

    Am having customer data in which some of the name may not be personalized i.e in the name some special characters might have been included (@,?,",%).

    Is there any possibility to check the special characters using macro. The row ranges varies on day to day basis but column range is A to H.Name will be in the H column. If any name contains special characters that row needs to highlighted in the yellow colour.

    Please help me out.


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    Hi shyamsundar75,
    Can you adapt
    option Explicit
    Sub HighlightCells()
        Dim Lookin As Range, ff As String
        Dim Fnd As Variant
        Dim xItem As Variant
        Fnd = Array("@", "~?", "%", """")
                For Each xItem In Fnd
                    Set Lookin = Cells.Find(xItem, Lookin:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart)
                    If Not Lookin Is Nothing Then
                        ff = Lookin.Address
                           Lookin.Rows.Font.ColorIndex = 3
                            Set Lookin = Cells.FindNext(Lookin)
                        Loop Until ff = Lookin.Address
                    End If
                    Set Lookin = Nothing
    End Sub

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