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    Sequence Counter

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    Hi Everyone,First time post, so if this has been covered already apologies.I'm working on a project that tracks the journey of students through a qualification system. Currently, the system in place is as follows:A worksheet that holds a list of all projects, graded: pass / fail.The next worksheet, through a series of lookups, holds the student info through a column list of all students, against a row of potential marked projects. e.g If Student A had 2 projects, they would appear as pass or fail in a row next to each other. Once a student has become accredited (3 successive passes), no more cases would be entered. Whilst this acts as a nice visual to the students journey to being accredited, pulling stats from this is a long and manual process, getting worse as more students join the course. One piece I am specifically interested in, is being able to formulate a system that can tell me;
    • For the remaining active students, how many successive passes have they had (this is hindered by if a student were to fail a project, the sequence would stop and they would have to pass 3 more successive projects to qualify.

    Any help would be massively appreciated as I have been banging my head against the wall on this one for a while now!Thanks,Blundetto

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    Sounds straight-forward, but can you post a workbook so we can see the data?

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