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Thread: Coding required to copy data from a caell

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    Coding required to copy data from a caell

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Please help me to find solution for a requirement. It would be a great help if you all can help me to receive a VB code for the following requirement.

    I am attaching a spreadsheet which have the following pages,

    Page 1: Split Entry (Requires VB coding)
    Page 2: Split Details (Manual entry sheet)

    I have bulk payments which should be split and applied to different accounts. I will enter the IDs and payments in Page 2 (which have some formula's to calculate the amount) I will enter details in column F and Column G, rest all will be locked cells.

    Once I complete my entries, I will move to Page 1 and click the "Apply Split pay" command button, then there should appear a pop up box or box with the details as drawn in the yellow box which have the split details. First ID and its $, when we press copy id#, the Id should be copied to the memory and can paste to somewhere, then we press copy $, the can be copied and paste to somewhere. When we copy the Id and dollar it should no longer be available in the popup box to copy again, because this will help in preventing posting to the same account twice. Once we complete with the first posting, there should have a button next and second ID with its dollar amount should appear, then the same process continues until we complete posting to all of the ID's mentioned in page 2. Once all Id's are completed, message should appear "Split completed". Simultaneously payment details should appear in the left chart with Sl#, ID# and $. Can someone help me to resolve this plss. The password for the file is aa
    Thanks for the efforts..
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