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Thread: Nested Vlookup Help

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    Nested Vlookup Help

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    I am using the vlookup in my workbook to lookup info in a table I have created and named using the name manager. Currently the formula I am using is as follows:


    Col H gives the size
    Col O gives the item code/type (pipe, elbow, etc)
    sstubalbr is the labor table I have defined
    Both lookups work independtly.

    I have added a new column L that i have called Labor Table. I would like to use this as the input for the labor table instead of hard coding like I have in example above. when I substitute the cell reference "L1" (ie) in place of the "sstubalbr" I get "#N/A" instead of the value I am trying to fetch from the labor table.

    I have also defined a list/table called "Labor_Table_List" that i have tried using in place of the hard coded labor table name. So that the formula above now looks like this:


    This gives a "#Value" error.

    Any suggestions? This may not be the best way to do it. I am trying to allow other users to input the labor table into col "L" so they don't have to edit the lookup formula

    I have attached my spreadsheet. The tabs named "System *" are the ones with the formula in it in Col "s"

    2014 Mechanical Bid Form.xlsm

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    The short answer is that you must start with the minimum for each of your tables (i.e. 1/8).
    If you click on one cell in L then formula's, evaluate formula you can step thru and see where it is going wrong

    The long answer is that you should rather use Index and Match with possibly an indirect to the material :-)

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    i have done that works fine until it has returnes the column # in second vlookup.

    At this point the formula look like this: =IF(TRUE,IF(TRUE,VLOOKUP(2,"cs40lbr",8,"")."")
    when i evaluate the vlookup it returns #value! error. i am guessing since labor table name has qoutes around it's not referencing the range named with that same title

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