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Thread: Help creating multiple concurrent process chart please

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    Help creating multiple concurrent process chart please

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    Hi all,

    Whilst using Excel regularly over the last few years I have only been scratching the surface so my depth of knowledge is fairly limited. I would very much appreciate some help producing a chart which I am struggling with and this seems the place to ask...

    I have a video-encoding system that can perform up to 8 concurrent processes, one per node. I need to find out how much capacity I am using and how much there is remaining at any one time. The system controller is able to give me a CSV database dump and from this I have created an Excel spreadsheet that amongst many other things shows:

    Start time (dd/mm/yyyy, hh/mm/ss)
    End time (dd/mm/yyyy, hh/mm/ss)
    Node used (1-8)

    I would like to create a 2D 100% Stacked Area chart that has time on the X-axis and nodes used on its Y-axis (set to a fixed maximum of 8). As there can be concurrent jobs on separate nodes I would like to plot the start time to end time for each node but rather than overlay them I want to stack them on top of each other to see the total amount of nodes used at any one time. For any given time this chart will show node usage (lower area) and unused capacity (upper area).

    Sounds simple enough but I have been trying to work out how to do this most of the day but have not been successful. Can anyone help me out here please?


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    Excel 2010 with free PowerPivot Add-In
    Compatible with Office 2013 Pro Plus
    With Gantt chart.
    With concurrent usage chart.
    With macro.
    PhD helpful but not required.

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