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Thread: Multiple criteria & hlookup formula help

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    Multiple criteria & hlookup formula help

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    I'm doing some work with my clothing business, and am having trouble getting my head around what the best way of compiling the formula is. My head is telling my its a really simple one - but I just can't think of it - so any help would be much appreciated!
    If in column A, it says 'Accessories' & if in column B it says 'ffffff', then look for '9' between C1 & AK6 in column C. Then look horizontally for 'M'. Finally, present the value that is 25 rows down from this.

    If anyone needs a bit more clarity, please let me know
    thanks in advance!

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    This is ridiculously complex, I think you should revisit your design.

    This array formula seems to do it

    =IFERROR(IF(AND(A1="Accessories",B1="ffffff"),OFFSET(C1,MIN(IF($C$1:$K$6=9,ROW($C$1:$C$6)))+24,MATCH("M",INDEX($C$1:$K$6,MIN(IF($C$1:$K$6=9,ROW($C$1:$C$6))),0),0)-1),""),"Not found")
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