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    Lightbulb Missing dates

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    I am struggling with the below scenario. Your help is gonna save lot of manual work. Thanks in advance.
    Below are two sheets in my excel.

    Col1(obj) Col2 (Trade Date)
    ob1 2014-20-01
    ob1 2014-21-01
    ob1 2014-24-01
    ob2 2014-20-01
    ob2 2014-22-01
    ob2 2014-23-01
    ob3 2014-24-01

    Col1 1(All trade dates exceluding weekends and holidays)

    I want to find out for each object which all trade date is missing.(when compared to All trade dates in sheet2 )
    So I am expecting an output as below in new sheet.
    Col1 (obj) Col2 (Missing Dates)
    obj1 2014-22-01
    obj1 2014-23-01
    obj2 2014-21-01
    obj2 2014-24-01
    Obj3 2014-20-01
    ...... ...........

    Please help me out.


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    Idon't understand why 2014-22-01 is missing, it is in both lists.

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    Hi Bob,
    I have attached the excel. and below is the sheet expalination

    Sheet1- Objects and Actual Dates
    Sheet2- Trade calendar of the whole year

    Sheet3- Expected output. For each object which all dates are missed out in sheet1 as per the trade calendar

    Apreciate your help.
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    As I said, every date matches so I still don't know what you are trying to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
    As I said, every date matches so I still don't know what you are trying to do.
    I have data in sheet 1 for two objects for which I have corresponding few dates.
    Now in sheet 2 I have trade calaendar(all trade dates in 2014).

    I want to find which all dates are missing in sheet 1 for obj1 and obj2 individually when compared to the trade calendar.
    So it will all the dates from trade alendar which are not present in sheet1 for obj1 and similarly for obj2.


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