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Thread: Bottom 5 look for next lowest value

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    Bottom 5 look for next lowest value

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    I have a formula that searches a list of percentages per employee and shows me what percentage and what employee are in the bottom 5. One flaw that I have been unable to figure out is how to skip to the next person that has the same value.

    This is how it looks now:

    Rank Agent Score
    1 Bob -100%
    2 Bob -100%
    3 Rick -60%
    4 Mary -20%
    5 Sue 0%

    How I'd like it to look:
    Rank Agent Score
    1 Bob -100%
    2 Rick -60%
    3 Mary -20%
    4 Sue 0%
    5 Steve 0%

    The formula that I am using currently for score is:

    and for the agent I am using a match formula:

    Any ideas? Something tells me I am missing something within the match function.

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    Not sure I understand, can you show the data that is being queried?

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