Hello Everyone!

A very cool Excel function that you might not be aware of is the VLookup() function! This function is easy to use and allows you to get some item back from any "Table_Array" you create.

At my past job, where I created a ton of Excel formulas, I use to get asked a lot about this particular function. For some reason, most of the users liked this function VLookup() over the other functions?! Not sure why? But, a common question which seemed to occur with some of the users is why didn't their Vlookup() function work as expected?

The answer relies in how the VLookup() function searches the data in the given "Table_Array". The Vlookup() function ONLY will search your first column, in the given "Table_Array", with a row-by-row pattern. In other words, if you had a "Table_Array" which went from C2=>H45, then VLookup() function would only search in Column-C, going row-by-row from row-2 to row-45! Once it finds it answer, it then will move over the number of columns you specified in parameter 3.

Also, I have attached the Excel example to this forum posting! Feel free to download and use it to learn more about this feature.