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Thread: linking workbook error

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    linking workbook error

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    I linked one sheet 2 in one workbook to another workbook. When i keep both the workbook open and when i update the source workbook , the new work book is updated as well. But the problem is when i open the new workbook(copied workbook) when the source workbook is closed, the new work book is not getting updated still the source workbook is opened.
    Does any one have any idea?

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    If I get this right...

    You have WorkbookA that is linked to WorkbookB
    When you open WorkbookB first, then WorkbookA, updating workbookB's cell shows the change in WorkbookA's cell
    But when you open WorkbookA, then WorkbookB and update WorkbookB, it's not updating WorkbookA

    Is that correct? If so, I can't reproduce it.

    The things I would check are that both workbooks are in Automatic calculation mode (and save them both once you've confirmed it). You can also force links to update by going to Data--> Edit Links --> Update Values. You may also want to check in that dialog that the "Update" is set to "Automatic" not manual.
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    Sorry . No.
    I have the a COUNTIF function used on one workbook which refers to another workbook, however I get the result #value! unless the other workbook is open - this is even if I chose to update links when I fist open the file.

    Do all workbooks have to be open when using COUNTIF?

    If I open the other workbook after my workbook with the COUNTIFs on has been opened then all #value! errors disappear and the correwct info is shown.

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