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Thread: sum a column but return a minuimum answer

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    sum a column but return a minuimum answer

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    good Afternoon
    Appreciate it if someone can assist me with this sum query - I think the answer is sumif but I just cant seem to get it to work
    I have a column of figures
    A1 200
    A2 100
    A3 300
    TOTAL 600
    What I am trying to achieve is if id the total of column A is less than 500 then I want the asnwer to show as 500 but if it is more than 500 then I want the correct answer to show - in this example 600
    Basically im trying to show a minimum charge of 500 as the answer if the column say only adds to 350
    hopefully one of you clever people out there can help me !!

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    Good afternoon,

    I think you want something like:


    Hope this helps,

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    thank you that works


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