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Thread: Count money on tax percentage

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    Count money on tax percentage

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    I have a sheet
    there i want to count tax on money shown against "a" "b" or "c"
    so this way if a has 5% against it the data in a should be multiplied with 5/100
    and if b has 6% against it then figure against it should be multiplied with 6/100
    so on with 7% and other data
    how can be done together in cell
    using if formula plz
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    Uh, just


    or am I missing the question?

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    Sure something is missing
    (1) i want to calculate tax only for all amount together which have 5% Percent (like on amounts 10 & 15= 1.25)
    then which have 6%
    then which have 7%
    (2) i want formula for counting amount and tax together but tax wise
    like 10, 15 have 5% tax then total= 26.5 (as upper point only tax)

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    5%, =SUMIF($D$3:$D$8,5%,$C$3:$C$8)*5% and =SUMIF($D$3:$D$8,5%,$C$3:$C$8)*(1+5%)

    then repeat for 6% changing all references to 5% to 6% and so on

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