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Thread: Copy/Paste with hidden columns; hidden ones disappear

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    Question Copy/Paste with hidden columns; hidden ones disappear

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    Hello! First time posting here.

    A co-worker is having a problem with copying and pasting from one spreadsheet to another. She needs to copy a block of data from a "source" worksheet onto another, already existing sheet. The source sheet has several columns hidden and, when she pastes them on the second sheet, the hidden columns just go completely away! For example: If she has columns D and E hidden on the source sheet and copies A1:G10, then pastes it on the second sheet, D1:E10 are missing! Cells F1:G10 are shifted to the left so that only A1:E10 have data in them.

    I've never seen anything like this! She's not selecting just the visible cells - I've watched her do it. Very strange. I've been poking around on the internet and can't find an answer. I posted the question on Excelforum and on MrExcel (I tried to post links but it won't let me) but nobody there seems to be able to figure this out. I was googling the problem and came upon this site, so figured I'd see it I can find an answer here. Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening and how to make it stop?

    Also, a second weird question: If column B has a really long number in it, but she has the column narrowed down smaller than the entire number (she doesn't need to deal with those numbers immediately), when she pastes that onto another sheet, the numbers in column B truncate themselves. For example, if the number in B1 on the source sheet is 643589710, when it's pasted on the new sheet, it becomes 6.E+08. If we try formatting as numbers with no decimals, it becomes 6000000 (or similar). Even if we pre-format the destination as numbers with no decimals, when it's pasted, the information comes out that way. If the source column is wide enough to see the entire number, it pastes on the new sheet just fine.

    This is all very strange! I think her computer has an emotional problem, LOL!

    Thanks for any help!


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    Yep I'd agree with your diagnosis of emotional problems.

    I suspect an ad-in (check if anything strange is running)
    Otherwise corrupt Excel and would be tempted to do a "detect and repair" and just to make sure throw in a reboot :-)

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    Well, thanks for looking anyway. It's a major pain to get anything worked on here at work, but she may have to try to get it done. She's figured out a work-around, but it's a time-waster.It doesn't bother HER to have to do it that way, but I MAY be a little OCD so it bothers ME, LOL!



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