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Thread: Help. Drop Down Menu to return table of data

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    Help. Drop Down Menu to return table of data

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    Help. Drop Down Menu to return table of data


    I'm really stuck with this and not sure where to start and cant find a tutorial anywhere which may be because I am searching for the wrong keywords.

    Basically I work in a school and want to do the following:

    On Sheet 1 have a drop down menu of all the subjects we offer, in sheet 2 I have a table of data for each subject which looks like this (only bigger)

    C B A
    3 34 45 52
    4 23 63 34
    5 12 23 53

    The C B A refer to achieved grades at the end of a course and the 3 4 5 refers to the level they started at when they joined the school. The numbers, e.g., 34 refer to the number of students who for example joined the school on a level 3 and went on to achieve a C grade when they left.

    Basically what i want to do is when I select the subject from the drop down on Sheet 1 it will pull the relevant table of data from sheet 2 AND display it in the space on Sheet 1.

    Can anyone please help! Totally stuck!

    Thanks so much


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    Why not just add a filter to the subject field on Sheet2?

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