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Thread: Merging Spreadsheets

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    Merging Spreadsheets

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    Hello, I have two spreadsheets, one has parcel number and property address and name of property owner. The other has parcel number and mailing address of property owner. I need to merge the two spreadsheets together matching the property numbers and aligning the mailing address with the other information from the other spreadsheet. The problem is there are more parcel numbers on one sheet than the other so if I sort and copy they don't match up. There are over 5000 records so it is time consuming to hand sort and match. Anyone have any ideas.


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    Excel 2010 with free Power Query Add-In
    Merge Queries.

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    You could do a vlookup. I would probably copy all of the parcel numbers from file 1 and paste them in a file #3 (or another sheet) and then copy and paste all the parcel numbers from file 2 in the same column (putting all parcel numbers in 1 column). Then remove duplicates on this column to make sure you have a master list (in case there is a parcel number with a property address but not a mailing and vice versa). Then you can look up each parcel number in both lists to end up with a master list. Wrap VLOOKUP in an IFERROR statement to avoid errors when there is no data to return. So, for example, to return the Property Address you would use = IFERROR ( VLOOKUP ( -- first parcel no -- , -- file 1 array -- , -- number of columns starting from far left of the array to the Property Address Column --, FALSE) , -- return if error, "" would return a blank cell -- ). And so on.

    Hope this helps,

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