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Thread: Newbie Question. Can I do this???

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    Newbie Question. Can I do this???

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    I have a VERY basic understanding of Excel. I have tried watching tutorials to figure this out and have just pulled out a lot of hair. Here is what I want to do. I already have a sheet that has these column headings: Song Title / Perfered Key / Alternate Keys / Dates Sung / Song Number / Tempo / Key Words.

    I have filled in the data for several hundred songs. What I would like would be the ability to have the tab to the next sheet that would be called "Key" and have all the same data only sorted by the data in the "Perfered Key" column. And then yet another sheet that would show only the songs that have a number in the "Number" column (they don't all have a number).

    Also, I would love to be able to make a change or add a song on any of the sheets and have it show up everywhere. For example, if I was on the page that had them sorted by "Key" and I changed a song that was in "G" to "A" then that change would be on all the other places that song showed up. And I added a whole new song and all it's data when I was on the "Song Number" page it would be added everywhere.

    So basically I want all of the data for each song to show up on all the different tabs (sheets) only sorted or filtered in various ways. And if I change or add anything, anywhere, it is changed globally.

    Also, as a bonus - I would love to be able to have a sheet where I could type in a keyword and any song that has that keyword would show up along with all the data fields that go with it (key, date sung, etc)

    If this is too much for a newbie like myself I am also open to suggestions as to where I could pay someone to set the whole thing up and I can just enter data.

    Thank you!

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    this is a large project which I doubt could be done without VBA.
    It would be much more suited for MSAccess

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    Based on what you have said, I think that you need to put your information into a database, and get the views you want from suitably designed queries. The advantage of this in your situation is that you can add, amend or delete records in one location, and they will automatically be picked up when you next run your query (s). If/When your requirements change, you can also amend or add to, your queries.
    If you use Access as Pecoflyer has suggested, you should be able to upload your Excel data into it, but you may need to "iron out" inconsistencies in the data components. If you prefer a different database, you'll probably find that you can use a text or .csv format to upload.


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