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Thread: Complicated Lookup with conditions in the lookup range cells

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    Complicated Lookup with conditions in the lookup range cells

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    I have this puzzled that i couldnt completely figure out so hopefully someone can help me out with that (p.s. trying to avoid VBA)!

    What i want to do is to look up a unique reference that combines all the possible variances in search criteria's (e.g. C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,C6) in a range that sums up the conditions of which criterias to follow in the lookup. For example:

    Unique reference: =C1&C2&C3&C4&C5&C6
    Lookup Table:
    Condition Summed C1 C2 C3 C4 C6 C6 Tag
    A1*F1 A1 F1 Tag1
    <>A6 F2 Tag2
    <>A3,<>A4 F3,F4 Tag3
    <>A4 F5 Tag4
    <>A4 F6 Tag5
    F7 Tag6
    F8 Tag7
    A5 F9 Tag8
    A6 F10 Tag9
    A7,A3,A4 <>F11,<>F12,<>F13,<>F14,<>F15 Tag10
    F16 Tag11
    F11,F12,F13,F14,F15 Tag12
    C1 - C6 conditions that needs to be follow that either contains these in part of unique reference string or <> does not contain

    Tag - the Tag which should be looked up and showing as a result

    Condition summed - was what i was trying to use to come to the result. I was using wild card to look up, but the formula below does not work if its with sign that of <> that if the criteria exists, it should be looked up by that tag.

    =LOOKUP(9.999E+307,SEARCH(Conditions_summed_range,Unique Reference),Lookup_Tag_range)

    The reason i need this is that the conditions will always be changing and to change the formula everytime it does is too much inefficient due to the amount of criterias.
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    Can you post an actual sample workbook? Include some sample inputs and expected results.

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