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Thread: Name Manager/HLOOKUP Trouble Shoot?

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    Name Manager/HLOOKUP Trouble Shoot?

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    Hi everyone,

    Had a few quick questions regarding the name manager tool in excel 2010.

    First off, the backround. I'm in equity research, and we have a main database full of stats which we call the "Universe" (liquidity, valuation metrics etc). Additionally when I started, whoever created the the Universe, used the name manager to identify the ranges, and pull the needed data from other models of the individual companies, which are utilized through HLOOKUP formulas. I see it as a very effecient way to pull the data, however I recently tried to roll the ranges forward in the models (only selected up to year 2015, and needed it to emcompass up to 2017), and have been running into issues.

    I've tried two methods as follows:

    - CTL+F3 and manually just extending the ranges needed for the specific models.
    - Going into each individual model and selecting the needed data, and trying to define new names.

    Very odd, as it did work for some of the companies, others it didn't, and others it will partially pull data in, but not the entire set (IE: it will pull in 2015 & 2017, but not 2016 data).

    Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

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    Super Moderator Bob Phillips's Avatar
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    I think we need to see the data to understand the issue.

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    As Bob says will need the sheet to make detailed comments.

    Need to go into the name manager and ensure every named range is correct. However it is possible that the error is not related to the named ranges themselves but to the actual data such as " 2016" not 2016
    Also is the data sorted and is HLOOKUP using the nearest or exact match

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