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Thread: the difference between 2 times

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    the difference between 2 times

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    I have a spreadsheet that shows the schedule arrival time and actual arrival time of a product. I want to determine the difference between the 2 times (deviation) and determine if the product was early or late. It is early if it arrived before its schedule time (actual < schedule).
    If the product arrives within an hour (late/early), it should be considered to be on time.
    Please help me on how I can work out the formula to get the deviations (as illustrated on the last column)
    Schedule Arrival Time Actual Arrival Time Deviation
    11:00 14:00 3:00 (Late)
    15:00 10:00 5:00 (early)
    16:00 15:00 1:00 (On time)
    15:00 16:00 1:00 (on time)

    Thank you

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    =TEXT(ABS(B2-A2),"hh:mm")&IF(ABS(B2-A2)*24<1," (on time)",IF(B2-A2>0," (late)"," (early)"))

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    Thank you

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