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Thread: Time Calculation

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    Time Calculation

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    well imagine bellow given times are the ones that i need to get the deference...
    A1 = 17235.36
    A2 = 3458.48

    in A3 i need A1 - A2. But my problem is I just can't deduct A2 from A1 right ? So how to calculate that time difference ?

    Pleeeeeeeease help me

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    yep go right ahead and subtract.
    1 day = 1, so hours = 24 x difference.
    You may want to format it to give the result type you expecting.
    Or could use dateDiff function

    If A1 are in seconds then same logic and divide by 24 / 60 / 60 to get into Excel date format

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    A1 & A2 your data
    Format A3 as d/mm/yyyy h:mm and formula =MAX(A1,A2)-MIN(A1,A2)
    Using your data result is 18/09/1937 21:07 , if only time required change format to h:mm

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