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Thread: Grab particular data and output selected data?

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    Grab particular data and output selected data?

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    I am volunteering for work at an not-for-profit organisation that provides care and food for animals in shelters/pounds in which recently I was asked to assist them in managing their tasks...

    Given these tables:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If an employee wanted to produce a report of not only feeding tasks but also other related data (in other tables) for a particular date, how could this best be done?

    i.e. for 8/04/2014, listing the animal no, shelter held, extra info, food name (from FEEDING TASKS table), food amount, cost of food (from FOODS table), phone no. of the shelter concerned (from the SHELTER table),

    Now I forgot to put it in the sample data in the image above, but what if a particular feeding task also occurred on the same date, as say, animal no. 503, on 8/04/2014, how would I generate data for TWO feeding tasks? OR 3... if 3 feeding tasks occurred on the same date specified? Or 4... so on, so forth...

    Is the use of dynamic arrays and extending it (using UBound(array)+1) for each feeding task occurrence be the most efficient in catering to this, because you do not know what size to specify for a fixed array (since you do not know how many feeding tasks is present in a particular date)?

    Or what would be some other ways?

    Thank you

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    I have attached the Excel file thanks.
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