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Thread: VBA Code to replace data in Greek and English

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    VBA Code to replace data in Greek and English

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    Dear all,

    I'm trying to solve this issue. I have a report from EPM add-in. I have also two dimenssions , the main with the English translation and the second one with the Greek translation. Both of them match with an exact unique code. So the problem is that i have already insert a new sheet rename as GR_EN with three columns. One the ID, second the english translation and the third the Greek translation. I have already put in the main report two active X controls one as Greek and the other one as English in order when i push the Greek to retrieve the Greek translation from sheet GE_EN and when i push English to retrieve the English translation. My problem is that i have stuck with the VBA Code to do this. Any help will be appreciate.

    Also for your help i have attach the main report.

    With Best Regards



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    George - please post questions in one forum only, or list the links to posts youve made in other forums on the same subject. Please read this:

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