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Thread: Help please! Trying to fix my budget!

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    Ok so here's my question. I'm trying to make a recurring pattern (or autoformat idk what u call it) for my budget spreadsheet I'm making on excel...

    I want every 37th row to start a new chart.

    basically this chart reflects my pay date (ALWAYS THE FIRST B CELL),

    underneath that row, the subheadings reflect bills i have to pay/items to be purchased (A Cell), the total of those bills (C Cell), the price of each bill (B Cell), that weeks paycheck amount (D Cell), extra money i have been able to make or money given to me (H Cell), the total amount of extra money given (F Cell), the description of those extra's (I Cell), the total amount of unspent money i started out with (paycheck before bills are payed + any extra money, E CELL) and the amount of money I will have left after bills and other expenses (G Cell). These subheadings fill up columns A-I.

    Formula's have already been entered in the following row. every pay date i've been maunually copying and pasting the chart from the previous pay week into a new row and then manually changing the pay date and deleting old data (data from previous's weeks paycheck and expenses). i want to prevent having to do this by somehow having every 37th row simply repeat the same chart, with the same formula's, with no data included (so i don't have to keep manually deleting old data) AND the corresponding pay DATE (every friday) which is always the very first B cell in the chart. i have manually entered dates 8/19/11 and 8/26/11 already. how do I continue the dates in the first B cells so that i don't have to keep changing it, and also just have this chart repeat itself every 37th row?

    FYI - I want the chart to repeat every 37th row because that starts a new page (starting from row 75, when page is set to LANDSCAPE). This makes it easy for when i ever decide to print out my budget. i just basically start it at the 37th row so the subheadings appear on the top of each new page.

    can you help? i've attached an example so maybe u can see what i mean.

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    Gabrielle, welcome to the forum.

    I took a quick look at what you have here and... um... wow... Please don't take offense to this, but the way you're looking to set this up might make sense from a "how you look at it" point of view, but it's going to be a real pain to maintain.

    I've attached a sample, based on your data, that isn't as pretty (yet), but I think you'll find in the long run that it's a LOT more functional when completed.

    Basically what I've done is turn your "transactions" into a list. So every time you earn/spend money, you'd add it to the table. After that, you right click the Pivot Table (the one on the right) and chooe Refresh. It will udpate to show you where you are.

    In order to make this exandable long term, you'll need a bit more help from us, but the benefits of this are:
    -You could quickly insert a new pivot table to find out how much you spend on a specific type of expense
    -It updates easily
    -You don't have to enter your transaction in date order

    There's a few more too, of course, but those are the main ones.

    We can pretty it up as well, so it looks nicer printed and all. Let me know if you're interested in pursuing this, and what version of Excel you run.
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