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Thread: Macro to do Permutations by a number

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    Macro to do Permutations by a number

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    Good morning everyone,

    I would like to do a macro that does permutations by a selected number producing "unique, random" combinations only pertaining to the inputted number in a cell in my workbook. I would like to control how may combinations the macro would also produce, telling the macro to give me only 200 combinations or so.

    I would input the number (9) I to a cell in my workbook thus the macro would only produce "unique,random" combinations pertaining to the inputted number.


    I have a sample workbook.

    Thank you,
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    First should point out that even 200 permutations only represent a small fraction of the posible combinations.

    Below code should generate what you want
    Option Explicit
    Sub RandomData(nRows As Byte, nCol As Byte, nMax As Byte, sStart As String, sOut As Range)
    Dim oRandom()
    Dim i As Byte, j As Byte
    Dim sTemp As String, sAll As String
        ReDim oRandom(1 To nRows, 1 To 2)
        For i = 1 To nRows
                oRandom(i, 1) = Format(sStart, "0") & "-"
                For j = 1 To nCol
                        sTemp = Format(Int(nMax * Rnd) + 1, "0") & "-"
                    Loop Until InStr(oRandom(i, 1), sTemp) = 0
                    oRandom(i, 1) = oRandom(i, 1) & sTemp
                Next j
            Loop Until InStr(sAll, oRandom(i, 1)) = 0
            oRandom(i, 1) = Left(oRandom(i, 1), Len(oRandom(i, 1)) - 1)
            sAll = sAll & "|" & oRandom(i, 1)
        Next i
        sOut.Cells(1, 1).Resize(nRows, 1) = oRandom
    End Sub
    Sub testit()
        Call RandomData(220, 5, 53, "9", ActiveSheet.Range("B3"))
    End Sub

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    Thank you I will give it a try

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