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Thread: Removing Conditional Formatting but not the Fill Colour

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    Removing Conditional Formatting but not the Fill Colour

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    Hopefully I am in the right section for this question.

    I have a spreadsheet that has a number of Phases and each Phase has a 'Proposed' date and 'Actual' date. I have contitionally formatted the date cells to show a traffic light system; For 'Proposed' - Green if todays date is <= Proposed date, Amber if todays date is > Proposed date and Red if todays date is 28 days > than todays date.
    For 'Actual' - Green if actual date is <= proposed date, Amber if actual date is > than proposed date and Red is Actual date is 28 days > proposed date.

    What I am trying to do if possible is when an 'Actual' date is entered the corrosponding 'Proposed' date conditional formatting is removed and the fill colour changed to what it was when the 'Actual' date is entered. eg in the attached spreadsheet Cell A4 would have the conditional formatting removed and the fill would be changed to Green when the 'Actual' date is entered.

    Reason for wanting to do this is because eventually the 'Proposed' date under the traffic light system will all turn red.

    Is this possible to do via VBA?

    Hope I have explained myself clearly.

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    try this code in the sheet's own code-module:
    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    Set myRng = Intersect(Range("B3:B6,E3:E6,H3:H6"), Target) 'you will need to adjust this.
    If Not myRng Is Nothing Then
      For Each cll In myRng.Cells
        If Len(cll.Value) > 0 Then
          With cll.Offset(, -1)
            If .FormatConditions.Count > 0 Then
              Select Case True
                Case .Value >= Date And .Value - Date <= 2400 And Len(.Value) > 0
                  'MsgBox "green"
                  .Interior.Color = 65280
                Case Len(.Value) > 0 And .Value < (Date - 28)
                  'MsgBox "red"
                  .Interior.Color = 255
                Case Len(.Value) > 0 And .Value < Date
                  'MsgBox "amber"
                  .Interior.Color = 39423
                Case Else
                  'MsgBox "blank"
                  .Interior.Color = xlNone
                  '.interior.Pattern = xlNone
              End Select
            End If
          End With
        End If
      Next cll
    End If
    End Sub
    The attached includes the above code.
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    Excellent, exactly what I needed.
    Your a legend.


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