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    VBA Putty

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    I am doing putty application to automate unix server jobs using excel macro. We have to pass the control from excel to putty application and vice versa for status update. Normally the control is passing to putty application and few status will be updated in the excel. Based on the last staus, the remaining jobs will be running. But i am facing the problem like when the control is passed to putty and updated only one status, where the contorl is not going to back in the putty application again. I used to wrote the code using appactivate but this one doesn't work. Please provide me the solution like when control is going to excel and it should come again to the putty application other than 'Appactivate'. This is very urget.


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    Did you read the forum rules ?

    Did you reread your post before posting ?

    NB. Urgency is expensive.

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