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Thread: IF function array syntax help

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    IF function array syntax help

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    Hello, I am trying to get the IF function to search the table of data for values <=10 and > 0.

    This is the formula I am trying to use.


    The formula will not run my test for horizontal data, it only returns #Value. I can not find any resources online to explain why an IF function can not be used horizontally.

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    Try this instead:


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    Thank you both for your replies! Do you know if there is any way to perform this function with out nesting any others? I was trying to do this entirely with a single IF function. It may not be possible but I was just curious. @cheshirecat @samt

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    SamT's formula is wrong on logic and syntax, and whilst CheshireCat's formula will work if you want any of those values to be >0 and < 10, although there is no need to concatenate the criteria, I think you want all of them so it needs changing to


    I don't think you can get it without another embedded function.

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