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Thread: Formula For Member's Renewal Date Based on 6, 7, 12 & 13 Months?

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    Question Formula For Member's Renewal Date Based on 6, 7, 12 & 13 Months?

    I have a member's only site that I run. A membership is purchased for either 6, 7, 12 or 13 months. I have just exported all the recurring payment list from Paypal. It has member's contact data and the last column is their original signup date in this format 10/6/2010.
    Can you help me please figure out a formula based off the original signup date in one cell. The next cell to the right would be the number of months multiplier. Each cell to the right would be a projected renewal date in the above date format. Can that formula be setup so it loads cells to its right projecting every renewal period date over the next ten years? An easy example would be below. Where it gets really screwy for me is 7 & 13 months starting on a numbered day that isn't in every month like the 29th. I have a spread sheet of three hundred members so I would need to copy this formula for at least 300 members (down a column?).

    Original Date - Membership Period - Renewal Date - Renewal Date - Renewal Date - Etc...
    10/6/10 - 7 - 5/6/11 - 12/6/11 - 7/6/12

    Thank you very much for the help. I sincerely appreciate it.



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    Maybe use this formula to calculate 7 months forward from an original signup date of 07/29/2012 entered in A1, and a month multiplier of 7 entered in A2:

    =EDATE(A1, A2)
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