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Thread: undersize assessment

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    undersize assessment

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    Dear All,
    Please can you assist amendment to equation in column F so that I can get same answer with equation in column F to desired answer manually inserted in column G
    Thanks in advance
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    Please describe the logic that is to be used to get those desired results.

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    If you look at your column H and I you will note that there is a perfect linear correlation with
    Flange diam = 0.915497124 * Velocity + 0.173924952 and I suggest this is the formula that you are wanting.
    Secondly your "suggested answer" column G is wrong, you are merely showing the nearest velocity in your lookup table.
    Warning a simple lookup is not going to give you the correct answer as what you are wanting is which item in Col H is closest to Col C. As an example 460 is closest to 500 then 400 but lookup will return 400 (>= but < next)

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    Many thanks, your suggestion is highly appreciated

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