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Thread: Combo box will not give me an actual number

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    Combo box will not give me an actual number

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    He guys!

    I am making a questionaire in Excel and am using the comboboxes to make a rating. The ratings go from 1 to 12 and i assigned the outcomes to different cells. And though all numbers show up in the cells i assigned them to, i can't use them for anything in a formula. For example, if i try to sum them up =SUM(H13:H24), it will say 0 even though it should be 78. I need to use each rating since they are used in different options later.

    Probably an easy one, but i can't figure it out

    Thanks in advance!

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    Several solutions to this one.
    1. Change the formula to an array-entered (ctrl+shift+Enter, otherwise you'll get a #Value) =SUM(VALUE(H13:H24))
    2. It looks like you're using activex combo boxes, try using Forms comboboxes instead. It'll give you the index of the selected item.
    3. If you stick with activex, make the listfillrange 2 columns wide (the second column containing the numbers), and change the boundcolumn property to 2

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