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Thread: Excell Spread Sheet and design Pointers

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    Excell Spread Sheet and design Pointers

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    Hi Can anyone help with the following conundrum.

    We have a Selection of 22 branch’s each branch as 3 groups of engineers. Fire Alarm Extinguisher Regional and Extinguisher national.

    I am trying to develop, spreadsheet that can do the following.

    Displays the engineer details

    Name JDE Number Mobile Number, Mond, Tue Wed Thur Frida

    In the days of the week we would then mark if the engineer is available or on holiday or sick or training etc.

    Then when we click on each individual day for example a pop up window or v look up table at the side of the spread sheet displays, who is covering this engineer and his details and how long he is off for, notes and branch escalation route.

    Please advise how this can be done.

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    Since Processes follow Data Structure, I am glad you asked before you built.

    I started developing these type of Apps 12 years ago and personally, I would use an Access database, but...

    If building this only in Excel I would:

    Use separate sheets for

    • The Engineers details
    • The annual workday calendar
      1. With only notations of non-work status.

    • A biweekly status report of those not working
      1. With who is covering this engineer and how long he is off for, notes and branch escalation route. (not engineer details)

    I would use VBA procedure (aka macros) to maintain and update the biweekly sheet from the annual calendar.

    Finally, I would develop a set of VBA UserForms for data entry and specific, localized reports.

    The very first step in this projects is to develop and refine the various worksheets. That is something only you can do, we can only help refine them so they are logical and as compact as possible. Something to always keep in mind is that each engineer must have a unique number or ID and this ID will be in the first column of the Engineers Details sheet.

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    Hi sam

    Access would be better I suppose, However with excell i only know the basics so any help would be apreciated.

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    See last paragraph in my previous post. When you think you have the basic sheets done, attach the workbook here for us. All you need for us are the column headers and Row labels.

    To attach files, use the "Go Advanced" button to open the advanced editor. Under that editor, you will see a "Manage Attachments" button.

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