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Thread: sum and sumif formulas in a workbook

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    sum and sumif formulas in a workbook

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    000SAMPLE COMPILED Daily PJM Report.xlsx000SAMPLE COMPILED Daily PJM Report.xlsx

    I need to total the cumulative hours in each daily worksheet and travel hours daily

    I thought i had the formula for the total hours using '*' as wildcard but when i add sheets it doesnt add into the formula...i will add sheets as needed for the dates on a particular project

    1st i need help with the TOTAL HOURS on each date considering the fact that i will be adding sheets when necessary

    2nd (still considering that i'll be adding sheets when needed) i would like to total the travel time cumulatively (using travel as a keyword in B10 through B19 to total the time to the right of it in Q10 through Q19) ---'travel' may end up being anywhere in B10-B19 or more than once daily b/c I may have different techs with different times on the same day

    hopefully i explained myself well enough/// and hopefully the attachment is there (new here)Thanks in advance!

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    after looking at it again I'm now adding Q20 from each sheet with the result placed in 'Total Hours' (B1) (i moved things around in Total Hours from what i originally attached)

    then, in each sheet i now have a 'total travel' which can be calculated (per sheet looking for keyword 'travel') then the total placed in 'Total Hours' (B2)

    ...much simpler way but i still have an issue if i add sheets Are my only 2 options to re-run the formula in the Total Hours sheet as i add worksheets or to use the start/end sheet method?

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    Add hidden sheets, start and end, before and after the actual data sheets and sum the range start:end!rng_address.

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