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Thread: Making a quastionaire - No clicking back

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    Question Making a quastionaire - No clicking back

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    Hey guys!

    I am making a quastionaire in excel since other programs dont seem to do what i want. Now i have a couple of questions.

    1st - Can i make a click button to make someone go to the next sheet/question
    2nd - How can i make sure someone is not able to click back to the previous sheet
    3rd - Is there a possibility to let someone only look at a sheet for 20 seconds in which it then automatically goes to the next sheet without that person being able to go back to this sheet?

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    1. Check out UserForms CommandButtons
    2. With UserForms, Set controls to Visible = False
    3. Timer Function
    Use TextBoxes for questions and CheckBoxes for answers. Put them in a Frame Control and set the Frame Visible to False. Store the Answers on a sheet, or in an Array.

    You can do it with Worksheets but there is no way to prevent a knowledgeable User from doing as he wants. In Excel, make the Forms Toolbox visible and use a Button. In the Buttons' Code set the current sheet.Visible to xlVeryHidden, and the next sheets Visible to True. Again, use a Timer function. Repeat for every sheet.

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    Thanks a lot Sam!

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